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The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Hate Football Sunday?
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at October 6th, 2008 (11:17 am)
current song: Bon Iver - Blindsided

I want to let people know of a Sacred Body Massage Therapy special I've having for the Football season.

Are you sick of being home Sundays, your significant other screaming at the TV watching Football? Me too.

So as a reward for clients getting me out of the house on Sundays - I am offering a Football Season Special. All Massage, $15 off on Sundays! You don't have to prove you are the victim of Football suffering. [laugh] And you don't have to be a woman either. This is open to everyone who would like to take advantage.
Get out of the house, treat yourself to Good Health and Well-being!

Sacred Body Massage Therapy
408 S Baldwin Street
Madison, WI

Sunday hours: 9am - 9pm.
Call for an appointment 920.843.1264

Pricing and Treatments...Collapse )

Heather [userpic]
Slightly off topic...
by Heather (brown__eyes)
at September 8th, 2008 (09:48 pm)

I know there are a lot of Moms out there, so maybe you can help me out?  A really good friend of mine is having her first baby soon, and I really want to get her something she'll get a lot of use out of, as opposed to an outfit that'll fit the baby for a couple weeks.  I know she's having a baby boy around Halloween, and is a bit financially strapped.
What were some of the baby shower gifts you used the most?  What were the ones you appreciated most (if something different)?  What were things you wish people would have given/wish they wouldn't have given (not to look a gift horse in the mouth, heh)?  Any advice or tips GREATLY appreciated!

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Need a Massage?
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at August 22nd, 2008 (03:53 pm)

Go to Sacred Body Massage Therapy on the East Side of Madison.
You don't just get a Massage, you get someone who cares!

For pricing, packages & treatments - call or e-mail Rebecca
920.843.1264 or sacred_body[at]yahoo[dot]com

Where Students get a 1 hour relaxation massage for only $45!

Sacred Body Massage Therapy
408 South Baldwin Street
Madison, WI 53703
*Appointments Only*

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Nothing to do tomorrow?
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at August 15th, 2008 (06:05 pm)

My Finace is a writer for Dane101.com and is one of the 2 men who is putting on the Dane 101 Fundraiser Show, here is the info:
Dane 101's First Ever Fundraiser

The Show is at Frequency, tomorrow night at 5pm. Tickets are $7.
And they are having a raffle! One of those raffle items are from me, Sacred Body Massage Therapy, for a free 1 hour relaxation massage!

So please go! What else do you have to do?

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Sacred Body Massage Therapy Grand Opening Special
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at August 12th, 2008 (11:42 am)

I have 1 more spot left!
1st to respond gets a 1 hour relaxation massage for only $45! look to entry below for more details.

Thank you!

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Sacred Body Massage Therapy Grand Opening Special
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at August 7th, 2008 (11:30 pm)

I have been doing Massage for over a year, and have recently gotten my own Office on the East Side of Madison at 408 South Baldwin Street. I graduated from Blue Sky School of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and I am Nationally Certified. My regular treatments include Swedish Massage/Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, Lymphactic Massage, Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and I am also only 1 of 3 Massage Therapists (that I know of) in Madison that do Nuad Pra Kob, or Sabai Herbal Compress Treatments.
I will also be offering Discounts to Students when a Student ID is presented, because I've been a student too and I know most of your wallets don't allow you the luxury of being able to get a regular massage. Massage should for sure be available to students because Massage Therapy is proven to improve your memory and academics. The relief from Tension and Stress isn't bad either! So bring in your Student ID - get a 1 hour (relaxation massage only) for only $45!

What to expect on your first visit...
Your first visit will be scheduled for an extra 10 minutes to fill out the appropriate forms: Medical History, Informed Consent, A Body Map to show me where your pain/main complaints are located. We will then verbally discuss a Treatment Plan and the Goals for that session.
I will then instruct you to undress to your comfort level, and get on the massage table, under the sheets. I will leave the room until you are ready, go wash my hands and knock on the door before coming in. Your massage/treatment will then begin.
You will be given a referral card to give to someone you know. (For this deal I will give each person who responds 3 referral cards, so that means you have the potential to get 3 appointments for $10 off) This card will give you and the other person $10 off your next session, and their first session once redeemed. They must bring in their referral card to their appointment for you both to receive the discount.
You will also receive a Welcome Package. This will contain a Brochure with info about my practice, and a treatment menu with detailed descriptions, Business cards, Specials, New Treatments, Info on Package Deals, Special Information and A Comment Card!
And before you leave, don't forget to schedule yourself another appointment!

To spark interest, I have an offer for you readers -The first 5 people to respond to this entry will receive a 1 hour relaxation massage for only $45.00
Even if you see 5 have already responded, go ahead and respond anyway, if anyone cancels I will go to the next.

My Hours are: Weekdays 5pm - 9pm, Weekends 9am - 9pm And I am taking appointments starting August 1st. This Grand Opening Offer is only Valid for August, so make your appointment this month! If you miss out on the deal I am offering right now, I can e-mail you my phone number to make an appointment and give you any info you would like on other treatments, and regular prices for these treatments.

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at August 7th, 2008 (11:18 am)
current song: The Dears - Find Our Way To Freedom

I'm just posting to ask if it's ok that I post about my massage practice grand opening? I'm offing a deal and wanted to tell people about it.

Sacred Body Massage Therapy

Super Square and Squeaky Clean [userpic]
Roller Derby action this saturday!
by Super Square and Squeaky Clean (assiram)
at January 24th, 2008 (12:19 pm)

If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, Madison’s own all-girls roller derby league, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, are hosting their season opener. All the info can be found here. I hope to see you there!
-Dutch Oven
Reservoir Dolls

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Restaurant Suggestions?
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at January 5th, 2008 (10:59 pm)
current song: Noisettes - Hierarchy

I need some good suggestions for a nice place to have dinner for a small intimate girl's night out. Fairly cheap too.

Throw em' at me!

The Part You Throw Away [userpic]
Massage in your Own Home
by The Part You Throw Away (blackdreams)
at November 6th, 2007 (08:51 pm)
current song: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy

I'm a local Massage Therapy Practitioner, and I'm looking to travel to homes for Massage. I'm a Graduate of Blue Sky School of Massage & Bodywork. If you are interested and would like a Menu of my Treatments & prices, please contact me and I can e-mail you. I am available most days after 6 p.m.

Any Questions, please ask!

Thank you!

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